Is love enough?

In an age where words and the definitions of things such as beauty, rights, intimacy and love are always changing, it may be difficult to respond to life honestly. There are so many messages about loving yourself, and how effective that campaign is I guess only time will tell….mean while all of the real people are trying to adjust and get happiness anyway they can when its available. No matter what form it is, whether it be a spending time with others or a basket of curly fries. ….

TLC new show Fat Chance comes on Wednesday and I thought it was interesting…

The first episode was a guy named Daniel, and he was a single dad with two sons. I got to say it was interesting because  what seperates this show from all the others is the “romantic” angle. He confessed to the watchers and to his support group that he had wanted to lose weight  for two things, first reason being for his two sons and secondly for a crush called Christina. …..

In the end, Christina wasn’t interested in him, but he was still confident in their friendship. There wasn’t any visible damage of any kind. To be honest most of the cases  were like his, gentle let downs or shy-bashful yesses met with a hug and some nervous giggling. Honestly I was thinking, for reality tv I was waiting for the dose of reality…..because there was a downside to the set up and as a viewer , I was waiting for it be acknowledged. Because the research was there all along to prove that people (regardless of size) have a relationship with their food….

This past Wednesday however everything changed.

There was a  beautiful young girl names Ta’Tiana and she had a crush on a guy named Steve that was in her friend circles. She admitted that they had talked about her weight before, and he admitted that she had needed to lose the weight.  She admitted the shock of his honesty but they continued on in their friendship.

After a series of misteps and challenges, in my opinion, she had finally asked the question, and his answer honestly shocked me.  After her confession of love he said:

“She was fat”.

“If She had lost the weight, it would not have made a difference.”

“We will never be anything more than friends.”

His response as upsetting as it was, was atleast honest for him.

That was hard to hear as a viewer. For myself, I would never want to base my love life on my weight. I would never want to perform for any one to finally approve of me. I would never want to work for love. Is it wrong to think that you should love and support a person wherever they are?  That to me would feel to much like the Bachelor, competing for love with everyone else to get the guy.
Except this time Fat Chance pits you against one scary opponenet, yourself.

I know for myself often I haved used different types of goals to motivate myself.

Some worked. Some failed.

I would however encourage you to watch, it definitely gave me some ideas about excercising and diet, which is always a good thing. It has even caused me to question some of my eating choices and my emotions or reasons behind them and I AM DYING to know what you think!
The question I guess would be is love enough of motivator to not only drive someone to lose weight but to keep it off? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Is love enough?

  1. “If She had lost the weight, it would not have made a difference.”

    The above sentence is a consequence of the everyday illusion that surrounds us of beauty and perfection. Billboards, magazine, advertisements, and tv. They all specify a set of beauty standards, and a man would feel like he’s settling if he met someone who’s slightly overweight. Such a shame really. I don’t think love is a motivator for me to lose weight. I don’t like it at all, and don’t think I would ever do it to please someone.

    thanks for sharing! 🙂


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