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I have to first apologize for waiting so long to put out a new post. The blogosphere is new to me and I love it. I’ve said before that I’ve imagined it to being almost like a long table filled with different types of people, all of us having different conversations and asking questions…  But this week I have had difficulty on a story of my own concoction and I have hit writer’s block. (Sigh)

As I embark on what I honestly feel is my passion and drive to write a story, not just any story but a story that shows a level of complexity  in my characters. I have decided to challenge myself on a number of things to write a true success.


-understanding the natural human behavior

-details vs. no details

-writing from different POV (point of view)


My challenge this month for myself is to write from the male’s perspective. I’ve done a bit of research on the matter and I was just astonished with how different men were from women psychologically in emotion and thought. There’s an article from Writers Digest Guest Colomn by Lynn Rush, author of Wasteland, addressing this very issue:

  1. Men generally use less words to describe something, but just because they do- it doesn’t mean that they are not thinking about it.  (There is way more introspection but it also comes in short burst)
  2. Men are usually sight driven
  3. Men are not into details, they are generally interested in the big picture.
  4. Men are more logically driven

I’ve also watched some old hollywood films to get a visual on a few things. Because I personally believe old hollywood did a masterful job on portraying the male regardless of his role.

Is there a masculine way to show sadness or hapiness? or curiosity?

I know there’s more to it and  I am open to any sources or suggestions. Are there any good movies that show men expressing emotion publicly? Any books?

Tell me what do you think?









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