Essential Sites for the Novice Blogger….

So you’re creative, right? You have a message that you want to send out into the world…

You’ve typed your message, checked it a thousand times with Grammarly and everything else and then it’s time for you to add images that can help you convey what it is your saying….this is where for some of us it may present a challenge…if you’re like Ashton Kutcher with an awesome camera, that’s not a problem. If you’re not your only other option can present problems as well.

Option #1: Google Search Box (presents legal problems, artist rights and credits, and internet laws in practice) – This is a no! no! 

There is an integrity that comes with being on the internet. The internet, being a shared space, doesn’t necessarily mean shared items , ideas ,and creativity. Being an artist it can be frustrating to find/create images that match exactly what one has in mind. There are great websites that can help beginning bloggers that are absolutely free.  I have some that I personally love and prefer to use:

These three have helped me finally build a header that I could be proud of!

Some other that you may like are:

Death to Stock Photos cool name right? They also occasionally give free headers, writing topics and photo packages through email…very convenient too!

This could also work as well. The cellphones made today could arguably replace cameras. ITs important to have good lighting but for the extra little something–like font, or changed lighting and hue, I would suggest  . If I could describe it, it’s almost like Photoshop the only exception is layers. Photoshop allows for you to add images on top of each other to “build” an image, however with Picmonkey ,there are definite ways to get around this like getting images with transparent backgrounds.

I wish you luck on your blogging !



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