“When life throws stones, I will continue to keep on singing of your marvelous ways.”

I’m sorry that I’ve been away. There have been so many challenges in the last couple of weeks…and I’ve been doing what I know how and what I would encourage you to do. To keep moving forward in the things of God, chase life with fervor and perseverance and fall madly in love with the idea of you. Because I’ve just got to tell ya! You are amazing!

I went to a ministry meeting at my local church and honestly I felt a little out of place being there. It was weird being surrounded by so many powerful people! I was trying so hard not to be like those weird people that stare at certain faces, trying to figure out what it was like to be on your way up! On the path that God has chosen for you.Secondly, I felt horrible coming from work , after a hard day with fellow workers. I had almost opted out because I was so exhausted. My mother and sister pushed me to go and so I had gone on anyway because in my heart I felt like God knew what my desire was. I honestly believe that he had put a heart in me for people.

While I was there, with the full intent of hanging out in the background and not really being seen. I found myself rather perched in the front and in view of all the speakers that were invited, scribbling small notes and I stopped in dead stare of one of the speakers.

He and His wife were missionaries and had been traveling the world. They had recently come from Puerto Rico and he actually never really went into what the mission-field was like because he honestly just started shouting out things like:

“Yes! You are!”

“You are BIG TIME in the eyes of God!”

He had said it so many times, the crowd had gotten excited and clapped.  I suddenly felt energetic and passionate and it was almost like a refocus after everything that had been going on and still is sort of. Joy is infectious and so are smiles by the way.

I just wanted to pass that same word to you.

YOU ARE BIG TIME!  You are a treasure house, inside of you are tracings of Creator, the galaxy maker! You’re beautiful! You’re talented and no one has the right to tell you any different. You’re a survivor, a fighter and you challenge the status-quo. You are powerful.


It’s Monday let’s push through this week on purpose. Fully confident that everything is already put in place and your connections that you’re supposed to have will meet you at appointed times. Stay in love, walk in life and reach in hope. 623c26282da16197a9b70f6b9eb9d739.jpg















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