2nd day: Quotes Challenge


I just know you’ll forgive me for posting late. I’m in college so…here we go.

Today I have a quote on vulnerability. It’s important to live your life open because it gives you a sense of honesty about and within yourself.  Vulnerability means being aware that you are not in control and actually being okay with it. Writing that way makes for an even better story. Taking your time to create anything that is a part of you is encouraged. Living and loving that way allows for you help others in ways that are unfathomable to most.  Writing has always given me that ability to do that and now blogging.

In discovering who you are, be OPEN and unapologetic about your process.




Three amazing bloggers you should follow by the way for the amazing gift of storytelling and sparking ‘open’ conversations are:

1.Jennifer Terry


3. Iambeggingmymothernottoreadthisblog


Stay amazing.


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