Being Candid about Kid Meals.


Her screams broke my ear lobes.

I looked out the passenger window of our school bus as this particular-student-was-being-difficult about her toy not being visible and in her possession. We all tried to comfort her. We all tried to assure her that one of us had it, but she wouldn’t believe it. It wasn’t until we actually came to the building and she had been carried off the bus, kicking and screaming in silence admittedly because even I had gotten tired of talking. giphy (2).gifShe was sat down at the table and  her teacher placed her toy, a tiny fairy thingy on the table and she was quiet. Her tears dried up immediately and her face that was so full of agitation and irritation stopped. Immediately guys. Immediately.

There are certain luxuries that come with fast food. It’s convenient and it’s fast (most of the time) we get to see what we ordered in the  bag. If we don’t, we get to go back and have it fixed and possibly get a price reduction and or a meal for free. There’s control over our decision, and we get to complain if it’s not to our liking.

The problem ,however, is that in comparison to life….

It’s not really that way at all.  If you “order”  a good day, and someone comes and talks down to you and it’s disrespectful or worse you could complain. You could tear down every good thing that has been planned ahead of time for you with your words and your actions…but no one is listening. Not even God. If you order your meal for the day and your play toy isn’t in the bag , you can cry and scream. You can have a tantrum but in real life. No one is listening. They may be watching because you’re making a spectacle of yourself but no one is listening not even God. 

giphy (13).gif

As followers, we can’t stay at the kiddie table. At the kiddie table, our prayers have to be answered immediately or we lose faith , or we fall off the path. If we aren’t immediately gratified. Our level of praise and prayer is equivalent to the things that are sat down in front of us. We are thankful for the visible and easily accessible things.

Things are going to happen that are out of our control. And we can’t fall apart when things get crazy. We can’t fall apart when we don’t see our visible answer to our prayers in front of us.  Because there are also great benefits to a real home-cooked meal. You know the ones where it’s made by the best cook in your household  and you’ve been smelling it all day and you have anticipation and expectation for it, but if you eat it too early it’s ruined. We have to trust God, trusting him to move us from glory to glory each day. The meals He serves are beneficial to every part of us.  The longer you wait, the better the meal and most of the time a good indicator of when to eat is when the nay-sayers are gathered, That’s right haters have an actual purpose!

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. (Psalm 23:5)

This presents so many things. First of all, it acknowledges that there are enemies and it acknowledges that God still prepares in their presence. He provides when life gets heated and the nay-sayers are trying to “stir” trouble up for you. The anointing of the head with oil makes references to being chosen (again). King David when he was “chosen” by God, a prophet  anointed him with oil and that was usually a sign. Overflowing cups sounds great as well right? Who is going to say no to God pouring out his goodness in every single one of our lives? (Not me)

I remember when I finally discovered that I was “too old” and how weird it was to jump in the mysterious ball pit in McDonalds. I walked up to the gate evaluated the others kids and their height and weight to mine and walked away. It was that simple. Little did I know that I would also be applying that to other areas of my life. I had to let friends go , I had to turn down certain relationships and opportunities because it was literally taking me backward from where I needed to be and yeah for a while you are seen as strange. But when you’re called out, your path is going to be unlike anyone else’s. There may be small comparisons but your call is your call. Your life is your life. His plan for you is ….for you.

At the Kiddie table….

They complain about the toys, eating their vegetables, they question all the ingredients put into the meal. There may even be a preference for one cook over another. You can’t handle anything substantive, anything deep, anything real. The truth ,no matter its form, has to be watered down and liquefied for you to consume. You can’t be held responsible for anything, for what was said or what you had done. Everything is done for you but there’s also very little say-so over what happens. You don’t get to stretch yourself and truly respond to anything because well…you’re a kid…a baby. We should want to be at the grown-ups table. At the grown-ups table, there are real conversations for real problems. There are prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving even though….

-Job positions are in limbo

-Your kids are in trouble at school

-Your relationships are on the rocks

-You’re single and you equate that to being alone

-You’re feeling down and depressed

You are able to sit down in the presence of the naysayers and the haters and eat what God has provided. Because you have been in enough trials with God to know whatever he puts in front of you is good. Because He is good and He only has good things for those  He loves So Eat up! 

Trust the Chef,

Food for thought. giphy (13).gif



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