“He said he’d come tonight.

She entered the room and noticed the few glances her way. She smiled shyly and walked forward to the seat closest to the door. In case she needed to make a sudden escape from the room.  A few people near her grew quiet as she sat at the table and stared off toward the corners of the room. They acknowledged her with glances and went on. Pointing out some of the people they knew, the conversations growing louder.


She suddenly feels a funny feeling in her gut, a writhing pain as all of these strange feelings flooded her all at once. Why am I reacting this way? 

As one thought becomes clear over and over again.

He left me. 

She glanced down over herself and tried her hardest to control the urge to run for the door.   She even read the brochure ten times, her eyes were far away from the scribbled promises of the program, though. She was lost in translation of what this meant in this time. In now time.

He left me. 

No, he didn’t. He was serious this time. He said he’d come. 

He’s just late. Maybe he was caught in traffic. …


Her face flushes with heat and her eyes begin to water. She leans into the brochure now sitting face up on the table. Her long hair falling off her shoulders creating shadows that undoubtedly matched the shadows of her thoughts. Each one, accusatory, not of him however rather of herself.

After finally repressing the urge to cry.

She was sweating now and to cool off she grabbed her small bag fanning herself trying to look as careless and uncaring as possible.Periodically glancing at the door, counting the seconds until he arrived, nervously. Her hand firmly planted  over her knee to stop it from shaking.  A burst of laughter shot out and everyone stared back at her for a split second.She spotted some of the random faces in the dimly lit room with smiles and gestures toward her.

Maybe I shouldn’t have come. 


Slowly she could feel the withdrawal and makes a plan to exit just as quietly as she entered. It was stupid thinking he’d come here with me.Maybe he was joking. 

She replayed his genuine smile and the sincerity….

Maybe I’m an idiot. 

Her legs found their strength after making contact with the wooden floors underneath and she quietly walked toward the door in the cool air of the night.  Her breath like a ghost disappeared overhead and her once moist  tears now stung her face in the brutality of the night air.Taking one last glance back as if in want for someone, anyone to stop her.

She too now has disappeared into the darkness of the night unable to shake its grip on her now shattered heart.

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