21 random thoughts to read in under 21 seconds…

  1. You can love someone and at the same time they can disappoint you
  2. It’s best to be completely honest with yourself first, and with others
  3. No one can speak up for but you
  4. Laughter is the best medicine for the most terrible days
  5. Keep yourself OPEN to any and all possibilities of the good things
  6. You have to look for what you’re searching for, it won’t find you
  7.  Red lipstick and your favorite shoe changes everything 🙂
  8. Celebrate the small victories in your day
  9.  God is not as distant as you think HE is.
  10. Always expand the universe of you (keeping learning new things)
  11. Never let what another person says destroy what and who you are
  13. Being Healthy is a state of mind, not a 10-week diet
  14. Confidence. Confidence. Confidence.
  15. I sound like Adele or Katy Perry in a bathroom with lots of “echo”
  16. Yes, you are allowed to sing Frozen in the frozen food aisle (or am I the only one who does that)
  17. My sister is my best friend
  18. I think I’m single because I am too complex 😉
  19. If I could redo any day in my life I would redo my 16th birthday
  20. It’s not as complicated as you think
  21. Take a breath and hit dance a move once you turn the corner.



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