Easy Know-Hows for a Novice Blogger


It’s November and as the days past you’ll find yourself indoors with thoughts that you feel you just have to share with your corner of the world…That’s what blogging is, it’s your voice amplified and clear. It’s thrilling–and anyone still teetering on the decision, jump in, you’ll become a better person for doing it.

I’ve been blogging now for about 6 months and there is still so much I have to learn! Below are 5 essential sites and possibly odd practices that  I’ve noted and found myself using quite frequently…

P.S- Mind you this is after you’ve targeted your message and audience. 

  1. The Blog Stylist, a website that was made to help us out by giving us some sweet freebies like backgrounds, e-courses , blogging topics and coding cheat sheets.  (P.S– I linked the glossary page here, but let that discourage you from checking out the site.)
  2. PicMonkey , I cannot sing the praises for this site enough! The best way I can describe it is like a less complicated Photoshop for someone whose new creating artwork and stellar design or someone who’s just been out of the designing game for a while! You will love it.
  3. Wild Textures , a site with basic backgrounds for those of us that are looking for a simple approach to our design.
  4. Online-Convert, this helps in converting images, sounds, audio, video into a more web-accessible format. Because believe me there is nothing worse than a broken image–except a broken heart 😦
  5. Giphy, there is nothing better than moving images. This site has everything from SNL , movie references, funny commercials, and memes. Your welcome.
  6. Grammarly–for those small grammar issues that we all find ourselves dealing with from time to time.

The hardest thing about blogging is not saying enough (I’m kidding) actually, it’s blogging in itself. If it’s important to you and believe me it is because you’ve set time aside to join the blogosphere than you have to spend time with it.

I find that after a hectic week, I need a serious downtime which for me, because of my personality type, is almost a necessity. Here are my basic ABC’s of downtime.

A. Absolutely shut down. If you have to close a door, turn up some music and sit in a dim room (that  last part is not as weird as you think) you’d be amazed how much you could think up by yourself. Music wise I have a pretty wide variety but I find myself listening to Seabirds, Switchfoot, Relient K and sometimes John Coltrane  if it’s late at night.

B. Be Relative. It’s your job to put your stuff out there and remember no one is going to know about you if you’re not telling us….

C.  Create your Zone. Customize your site, make it yours. Think of it as a  home, a home needs to be designed to fit the person living  in it. If that means doing a little research for code, I say go for it.

D. Dive In. Once you’ve picked a topic. Go in.

E. Examine. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve posted something that was beautiful and said exactly what i wanted it to say but then I reread it and there were misspelled words. ..yuck.

F. Foreknowledge. Hav a separate day to blog and have a day that you choose to post. Try to be consistent.

G. Get it Done. Please finish those drafts 🙂

I.”I’ve Got This.” This is your motto from now on. Exude confidence.


Until next time,

You creative thing you 🙂




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