A small note on the grind. ( late night musings and early morning motivations)


You know so many of us are encouraged to take on our dreams. Such a simple thing to say, often times for those dreams there are many sacrifices that are necessary. There is a discipline that is required, to push your plate back or stay up a little longer. To stay a little bit hungrier in order to stay focused on the things before your eyes, even when they are closed. …


Even when they are closed, it’s like an outer body experience almost. Instead of seeing the last allure of light disseminate into darkness. It’s the opposite rather, you hear sounds and see things only you can see and understand the small whispers of their existence in your world.  Their tangibility is becoming more alive to you and it’s frightening and exciting at the same time. Yeah, it is.

However, so many of us are making mistakes in terming and hashtagging the all-powerful and unyielding nature of the grind for moments of glory on Instagram.


Small businesses owners love to celebrate what they have deemed to be the endpoint which may look like the final payment of their building or finally nailing that proposition. And for some of you, it literally stops right there. You made it alright, you are the only one owning a business in your family and you get the special seat at the family cookout. Fantastic. 

No, my friend.

The Grind does not stop there. The Grind is not the end its the launching point. You have so many odds stacked against you and you should not just acknowledge them but annihilate them. Always push forward. Your business shouldn’t just have business cards but fully operating website with present and up to date information. Where is your business sign is it big enough? If you are operating a hair shop, is it convenient enough for the customer? How can you blow their minds and grow profit?

Your daily confession should be:

I will not be that beat up peeling white building on the jon-tyson-195064-unsplashcorner of hard knocks and I think I want to be here lane. I can do this. I am better than this. I have been given power by God and He gave me this baby and anything He gives me cannot fail.  If failure isn’t apart of His nature then it’s certainly not apart of mine.

So get on it. 


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