What the “Modest is Hottest” vloggers are ignoring and (what I am getting sick of)

Don’t get me wrong.

This post is not about bashing the conversation or trashing certain bloggers. I understand the necessity for them, especially for newbies in the Christian journey. It’s important for people our age to get out and have these conversations because the real balance of Christianity is not just trying “to blindly please God”. What it means is, sometimes even our good intentions can be led astray if you’re not coming from a place of truth. For a Christian, all truth is the Bible. To someone outside of the journey or faith, that may sound pretty exclusive or limiting and as followers, we are supposed to have the understanding of the power and the freedom given to us from Jesus.

Why modesty? What’s the initial point:

Christian is a coined term, meaning followers of Christ. We are to exclusively follow the text and his way but with accuracy (which is usually the hang up for a lot of us). You may have remembered my post about the Church’s “interpretative dance” on a lot of things in society. For a lot of upcoming millennials, I honestly don’t feel like there are enough of us to inform and not condemn—to educate not isolate. Modesty is about outwardly displaying one of the characteristics of Christ, being humble. Not exalting the idea of ourselves in dress, for example, showing too much skin or extremely tight clothing can give hint to sexuality and make people more aware of you in an indecent way.

But where vloggers fall short is in 3 points I’ve listed below.

  1. T-shirts and board shorts are not the answer to all modesty problems: Too many bloggers are suggesting that t-shirts are the equivalent of saving face in an outfit. With t-strap tops, dresses or v-neck, the initial problem being that you are exposing too much chest, but we’re forgetting how limiting the t-shirt itself is. There aren’t a lot of places where you can dawn a t-shirt under certain pieces of clothing and let’s not forget that being a Christian doesn’t mean your sense of style dies.

The solution: a good hem job with a needle and thread could work and if it destroys the shape of the top, you are probably better off not buying it anyway (if it’s way too deep).

2. Ignoring the different variations of body type in your advice giving.

A lot of the vloggers making the videos (that if I’ve seen) are relatively small in shape. There are very few of them that have what I would call a more “realistic” shape.

The solution: I just think a more successful vlog would be to display different shapes and sizes of women. Have advice for all types, with real tips avoiding the t-word (t-shirts). It wasn’t until lately that I’ve seen clothing companies ( i.e, stitch fix) acknowledge curvy women and some of the unique problems they have. I’m just saying if the “world” is starting to acknowledge them, maybe we should too.

3. It’s not just a woman problem. ….

Nine times out of ten. Whenever this conversation comes up, someone usually response with –“Ladies you have to stay covered so that we don’t lead our brothers in Christ a stray”

On the other hand, I have NEVER heard it said that way to the guys.

4. Don’t make me responsible for another guy’s sin….

My opinion: Where the responsibility should lie…

If brother so and so has an issue that needs to be placed on the throne of grace, then he should be the one to put it there….

Either way being a Christian is about journey not destination. We have to make room for growth and be accepting of the challenges…Dont punish women for having our bodies.

What do you guy’s think?


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